About Clinical
Research Studies

What is a Clinical Research Study?

Clinical research studies are designed to help the medical community discover ways to understand, diagnose, prevent and treat disease.

They help us answer important clinical questions about investigational medications, such as:

  • How does this medication act in the body?
  • How will it affect certain diseases or conditions?
  • Is this medication safe for wider use?

To find the answers to questions like these, we need people to take part in the studies.

Thousands of volunteers all around the world participate in clinical research studies every year; they are motivated to enroll for many different reasons.

Independent institutional review boards and ethics committees oversee all clinical studies, protecting patients’ rights and ensuring they are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

Why join a clinical research study?

Your voluntary participation in this study may help to advance medical knowledge and improve quality of life for the millions of people worldwide living with Crohn’s Disease.

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